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Sorting tables are used to get manually rid of harmful parts: spoilt grape and bunches, unripe bunches, leaves and other foreign bodies.
S800 sorting tables, equipped with speed variator,have been planned for an easy and practical use. They are tracked and supplied with 4 wheels, 2 of them being turning wheels, for the shifts to be easier.
They can be provided with several lengths and they can be changed to 5 height settings, according to the need.The conveyer belt is PVC made, fit for food contact.
Cleaning the machine has been made particularly comfortable: the rear shutter opens and allows a quick cleaning of the table lower drain; the upper surface where the belt leans, is holed to let the rinsing water flow out in order to prevent stagnation under the belt. The liquid that comes out of these holes is recovered by two special basins.Moreover,the table includes a scraper with recovering basin.
The selection is made easier by special separation metal dividers:sound grape and bunches move forward to the centre,while all the spoilt parts are sidelong gathered.


Code Type Production kg/h. Power Motor Overall dimens. mm Weight Kg

00004200 TS800 2.5 2000 - 10000 KW 0.75 400V 50Hz 1200 x 2500 x 850 ˜ 1050h 240

00004202 TS800 3.0 2000 - 10000 KW 0.75 400V 50Hz 1200 x 3000 x 850 ˜ 1050h 265

00004204 TS800 3.5 2000 - 10000 KW 0.75 400V 50Hz 1200 x 3500 x 850 ˜ 1050h 290

00004206 TS800 4.0 2000 - 10000 KW 0.75 400V 50Hz 1200 x 4000 x 850 ˜ 1050h 310


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