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These machines are meant for the manual sorting of hand or machine gathered whole or destemmed grapes so to get rid of all undesired parts such as spoilt grapes and bunches, unripe bunches, leaves and other foreign bodies.
Grapes move forward thanks to the work plate vibration obtained through the combined action of special motor vibrators .The plate is half length bored and it allows to get the exceeding liquid (first must) recovered by an underlying basin equipped with garolla joins or any other joins on request.
Special metal dividers,easy to be removed,are put alongside the table in order to help the forwarding and the sorting of the discarded product from the one to be further processed.
The electric board equipped with electronic speed variator (inverter) enables a quick change of the product forwarding speed.
The machine is tracked for the shifts to be easier and it can be put on four antivibrating legs, adjustable in height according to the needs of the operators or of the machinery in the line. The machine is particularly easy to be cleaned,it is extremely silent and needs no maintenance: it is sufficient to visually check the plate anti-vibrating supports.


Type      Production Kg/h. Power      Motor      Overall dimens. mm Weight Kg

TSV800 2.5 2000-10000      KW 0.6 400V 50Hz        1050x2500x900h          280

TSV800 3.0 2000-10000      KW 0.6 400V 50Hz        1050x3000x900h          315

TSV800 3.5 2000-10000      KW 0.6 400V 50Hz         1050x3500x900h          340

TSV800 4.0 2000-10000      KW 0.6 400V 50Hz         1050x4000x900h           370

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